The Harmony Centre is a website offering an array of information about healing modalities not usually found in one location. Our approach is to integrate holistic healing and ancient Chinese medicine with allopathic medicine to address the whole person. Sickness does not only result from a bodily/physical dysfunction, but can also be mental, emotional and / or spiritual in organ. Call and experience why alternative heating is the kinder, more loving approach to wellness.
The Harmony Centre  aims at closing this gap in our local area. We consider all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease, including mind, spirit and community as well as body.


The Harmony Centre of Integrative Medicine’s Mission is to facilitate the advancement of personal well-being with a vision of nourishing and enlightening the human experience and quality of health through integrative health care. In addition we wish to increase awareness within the health-care community about complementary health-care services available to the general public by offering an opportunity to become more aware of the many processes available to explore the body, mind, and spiritual health.